Choose to have your hand and foot treatment in the privacy of your own room or in our luxurious manicure and pedicure lounge.

Keep your nails tip top - purchase 10 of he same treatment and get one free (No loyalty points awarded with this deal)

Express Manicure | 170
You know what is important when you are strapped for time. Choose two of the following in your express manicure - Scrub, Massage, Paint or cuticle work.
Classic Manicure | 245
Perfectly manicured nails and pampered hands. This manicure starts with an aromatic cleanse and invigorating scrub, followed by manicuring your nails to perfection and a tension relieving massage. The manicure is completed with the colour of your choice.

French Manicure | 270
A Classic Manicure with a French white tip paint. Please note that the perfect French finish takes extra time and care. Please inform us on booking if this is your preference.

Deluxe Manicure | 300
If your hands need extra tlc.  They are deeply exfoliated and dipped in parafin to restore them to their former glory. Also includes natural nail manicure, massage and paint.

Men’s Manicure | 190
It's all in the detail, give your look a finishing touch with perfectly groomed hands and nails.
Express Pedicure | 180
You know what is important when you are strapped for time. Choose two of the following in your express pedicure - Scrub, Massage, Paint or cuticle work, heel filling.

Classic Pedicure | 300
Keep your feet in tip top shape. Feet are soaked and scrubbed in an aromatic foot bath, heels and rough spots are filled and smoothed. Then nails are perfectly manicured and massaged, finishing off with the colour of your choice.
French Pedicure | 330
Your finishing paint is a white french paint. Please note that french paint takes more time and care, it is necessary to inform us if there is a possibility that this is your preference
Medi Pedi | 440
Cracks and rough heels are repaired with this Medi Pedi. An intensive peel on rough cracked heels sloughs the dead skin away. For extreme cracks your therapist will advise a course of treatment for the best results.
Deluxe Pedicure | 450
Your Classic Pedicure is enhanced with the addition of a mild exfoliator to enhance foot filing and a paraffin dip to restore moisture and suppleness to the skin. Feet are left silky smooth and pampered.

Men’s Pedicure| 250
Manly feet also need tlc. Your feet are Soaked, exfoliated, filed and massaged leaving them feeling brand new.
Lucky Legs Treatment | 350
Uplift and lighten heavy, tired legs with this draining and invigorating treatment. Ideal during Pregnancy or if you spend alot of time standing.
Medi Heel Add-On | 190
A paramedical foot treatment that gently and effectively removes hard and calloused skin. This treatment acnn be done on its own or added to any other face or body treatment.


A UV-cured polish that gives you two weeks of lasting shine without chipping, smudging or cracking. It can be easily removed at a salon. Available in a wide variety of striking colours.

Colour | 220
French | 240
With Manicure | 375
French Manicure | 425
Pedicure | 435
French Pedicure | 455
Nail Repair | 35
Soak Off | 90
Soak Off Add On | 60