With May comes a focus on Moms, and with this focus in mind we put together a Mommy Makeover Challenge. Likeminded women battling the same battles over 3 months. Regardless of How long you have been a mommy, the body goes through the same hormonal changes, you are faced with the same life challenges and time constraints.

I am sure you have attempted diet changes and exercise routines but somehow the stubborn areas wont shift. With this in mind Moyen shows you and introduces you to what is available and how to tackle this challenges in a holistic and wellness centred fashion.

It is our aim to treat each person uniquely and because each person is uniquely special to us.

We have the best technology at your desposal as well as the knowledge to lead you on the path to complete image satisfaction. It is not everyones goal to be back to a model figure but I think it is a general goal to be confident in maybe your beach gear or your active wear or just your clothes again. An inner confidence radiats from within.

We are hosting a couple of event over the following month to aid you on your journey. Together with a welcome pack on registration which includes trial sessions to all our amazing machines and wraps, a full consultation on our inbody scanner which is analised by a nutrition coach, and a 1 day juice cleanse you will be well on your way to a life changing experience. There are special offers offered to those who register for the makeover challenge which will cost you R500 on registration.

Please follow us on social media to keep up to date with all that is going on.

Our fist event is on the 27th May and will be lead by a Fitness Coach on ways to improve your fitness routine at home.

On the 29th of May we are having a ladies breakfast to showcase our Venus Legacy Machine which is a game changer in slimming, cm loss and facial rejuvenation.

Please call us or email us for bookings for these events.


Come on Mommies, make the change!!